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Many truck drivers are familiar with GAP Factoring and the fantastic factoring services provided by Sierra Peterson and her team. In this video, Sierra talks about our very own Nikki Auclaire here at Driver Advantage. We love working for our drivers!

Video Transcript:
I am Sierra Peterson, and I am the manager of GAP Factoring. Our goal is just to take care of the carriers, keep their cash flow in their pocket, and keep them on the road driving.
​Everybody has to have insurance in transportation. If they are not getting the best insurance rates it can literally put them out of business. Nikki is a safety wizard.
Driver Advantage is not just an insurance company. We also specialize in trucking solutions. Helping owner/ops obtain authority, making sure they’re compliant, we can do all the licensing, get all their permits, get their bonds, and even introduce some equipment financing. Any carrier that walks in the door is going to be taken care of. You’re basically getting insurance, compliance, licensing even, all for the price of a yearly premium 🙂

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