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FMCSA MCS-150 Filing: What Carriers Need to Know

Did you know that all carriers under FMCSA jurisdiction must file their MCS-150 form every two years? This crucial requirement is not just a formality – it’s a legal obligation with serious consequences for non-compliance. When Do You Need to File? Your filing schedule is determined by your DOT number: Note: There are no filings […]

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Meet Jake B. Sleeper Berth Champion at the Idaho Truck Driving Championships

A Contest of Skill, Not Speed Each year, the Idaho Truck Driving Championships (TDC) attract the state’s most skilled truckers to a competition that is less a race for speed and more a showcase of precision and control. This event is a test of finesse, where navigating tight turns, backing into docks with minimal clearance, […]


Many truck drivers are familiar with GAP Factoring and the fantastic factoring services provided by Sierra Peterson and her team. In this video, Sierra talks about our very own Nikki Auclaire here at Driver Advantage. We love working for our drivers! Video Transcript:I am Sierra Peterson, and I am the manager of GAP Factoring. Our goal […]

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Welcome to Trucker Tips. Hi, I’m Nikki with Driver Advantage. So, what is Driver Advantage? We are a team passionate and dedicated to the transportation industry and drivers. We are much more than just an insurance agency. We specialize in safety and compliance provide guidance for authority and even introduce equipment financing. A one-stop shop […]